About us

The name of folklore group Lintava arised from the name of fields between Kunovice and Míkovice. First of all there was a cymbalo music band founded with the leader Ondřej Siman. Then in year 2010 was also founded the dancing group with similar name and with the choreographer and leader Jan Kysučan.

Members of the folklore group Lintava are participating with pleasure on regional festivals in the Czech Republic and also in foreign countries. During a short time of functioning, the dancing group Lintava visited international folklore festivals in Spain and Portugal in 2011 and after two years in Greece. Group is regularly participating in many folklore festivals, e.g. Wine festival in Uherské Hradiště, special festival called Jízda králů in Kunovice and holds folklore parties in Bílovice.

Rehearsals of folklore group Lintava are taking place twice a week in Slovácká búda in Kunovice. 

In repertory, there are not only dances from the area Dolňácko e.g. bílovské or dolněmčí (special dances of villages Bílovice and Dolní Němčí), but also dances from the area around Kyjov, Kopanice and western Slovakia..


Folklore group Lintava with cymbalo music band Lintava offers 20 till 90 min perfomance full of dances, singing and beautiful folklore costumes.